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RPI/Palm Island is seeking Phone Sex Operators

RPI/Palm Island is currently looking for creative, sexually independent operators to join our growing team. We are a very well established company and are phone sex operators ourselves. We know what it’s like! We run a flexible, friendly, beneficial business for all of our hardworking PSOs. We have several busy web sites and welcome dedicated women, men and transgendered alike to join our team. *You must be willing to talk to men!* To be considered one of our operators you have to be willing to do “light trolling” which means that you do need to promote yourself in addition to our promoting you. Don’t worry we do train though as well. You must be Internet and computer savvy! Most importantly, you have to be creative and unique!
After you have read our requirements below, please click on the link to apply at the bottom of the page.

Phone Sex Operator (PSO) Requirements

We are currently seeking dedicated operators to join our growing team of talented and hard-working phone sex operators. With phone sex you have certain freedoms you don’t have with a regular, run-of-the-mill job. What other job can you sit at home in your sweat pants with bed-head and make money just by talking about sex? Even though you’re allowed certain freedoms with this line of work, it is still WORK and requires effort in the self-promotion department. Your objective is to keep people calling back and build up a reliable clientele and that is where the money is.


  • Must be a legal adult (18 years of age) live in the USA or Canada
  • Have a valid photo ID and social security card, and be able to sign our Independent Contracting Agreement. (You will receive a 1099 form at the end of the year and are responsible for your own taxes.)
  • Must be computer savvy, a decent typist and be able to handle many programs at once.
  • Have basic computer skills like: knowing how to copy and paste, what a desktop is, how to send photos in an e-mail, how to use instant messenger
  • Must have cable/DSL or other high-speed Internet connection. You must be able to be connected to the Internet and be on the phone at the same time.
  • You must not only be willing and able, but be FAMILIAR with self promotion, building your own clientele, time and self management.


For those of you looking for dispatch only and are unable to do anything online to personalize your caller’s experiences, we are NOT the company for you. We DO REQUIRE some online chatting (trolling). We are only seeking operators who are ready to work for their calls and be rewarded for their efforts. Only those who are motivated, dedicated, intelligent, capable, and ready to build a reliable clientele of callers, need apply..

You MUST be online promoting yourself and able to accept calls as often as possible. We prefer that only those interested in working 30+ hours a week – apply. Keep in mind that the more hours you put in each week, the more likely you are to receive repeat business. Not everyone is in the “mood” at the same time each day!

We do not pay by the hour. This is a 100% commission-based job. When you receive a call, you are paid for the block of time purchased. Even if the caller finishes early, you’re still paid for the whole block. Example: Caller buys 20, finishes in 12 minutes. You’re paid for the sale of 20. No need to worry about silly huld times.

Have a sexy voice, be creative & imaginative with your clients, able to follow directions, work with the team, and have patience! It may take work in the beginning to build up your clientele!

You also must be DRAMA free! We’re have zero tolerance for any drama. Be a people person!
Most of all, HAVE FUN and enjoy what you do!

Keep in mind that we reward hard workers! Operators who are good at what they do are paid more! Have patience and practice! Be observant and pay attention to how other operators go about working the guys and how they self-promote! Take initiative! If you fit the requirements listed, we can provide you with:

An established company with a more-than-fair, friendly, fun work environment with a great team of hardworking and helpful money making people. We have a very friendly team, who are not ridiculously competitive.

Several awesome web sites covering different fantasies and fetishes with great amounts of traffic to them daily. Yes, we work as hard as you do to bring you more calls and more money. We advertise to bring more traffic and potential callers to the sites. This ultimately benefits you by helping to boost your clientele with a little less work.

Great pay scale, several ways to earn bonuses, and fun contests to reward all of our operators who put effort into self-promotion and keeping their clients happy. (Although some experience is preferred, it is not required if you are ready to put in the hours. We provide any and all training needed, as long as you have basic computer knowledge, we are more than happy to help first timers get on the road to becoming a moneymaking PSO.)

The freedom and contrul over your own schedule. Whether you are an early bird, night owl, or an insomniac, you are able to log in for calls when you would prefer to.

Commission is paid EVERY single week with direct deposit available…
If you fit the requirements above and are ready to become a top PSO for one of the top companies in the industry, please send in your application by clicking the link below:

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