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    3. Are you currently working any other jobs?

    4. Please list any chat programs you have had experience with. (If none then please type "None")

    5. How confident are you in your computer knowledge?

    6. Have you ever/do you work(ed) in the adult industry before?

    7. Please list in what capacity you have worked in the adult industry and with what companies. (If none then please type "None"). If you have worked for a web site, please list the correct web address:

    8. Do you have a land line and a high speed internet connection you can dispatch from?

    9. If you do not have a land line and/or a high speed internet connection, are you willing to implement either of them to work in this position?

    10. Do you have a private place in your home you can work from?

    11. How many hours a week are you interested in providing services for RPI?
    20 to 2526 to 3031 to 3536 to 40over 40

    12. Are there types of schedules that you would definitely NOT be able to work? (This does not exclude you, just helps us to screen for the position we need filled at the time.) Please check any that apply.
    Overnights (2am – 10am EST)
    Weekend Overnights (2am – 10am EST)
    Daytime (10am – 6pm)
    Weekend Daytime (10am 6pm EST)
    Weekend Evening (5pm 2am EST)
    I am open to any shift

    13. Please rate your dependability on a scale of 1-10:

    14. Are you willing/able to cover shifts (even on short notice) if we have sudden call-offs or some other emergency?

    15. Are you comfortable with a position where men will sometimes “flirt” with you?

    16. What prior work history do you have that qualifies you for this position? Please explain in detail.

    17. We do background checks on all potential contractors. Is there anything we should be aware of prior to screening? (Enter NONE if there is nothing)

    18. Why do you think you should be considered for this position?

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    Palm Island Incorporated